Project and Development Services

Nations Group is a professional services company that takes a holistic approach to project development and program management. We provide comprehensive services for complex facility development projects, from concept to completion. 

The Nations Group team takes our 80+ years of expertise and insider knowledge and applies it to the role of owner’s representative – we are always working in the owner’s best interests because we understand the owner’s point of view and priorities.

Our capabilities offer much more than a traditional construction manager role. We thoroughly understand our clients’ internal structure and measure our success against milestones that are created directly in line with our clients’ vision. 

With Nations Group, there’s no guesswork, and there’s full transparency. We know what it takes to succeed with internal and external project stakeholders, and how the intricacies of a project go far beyond just construction, engineering or architectural experience.

Project Development

Project Management

Finance Solutions

  • Public Finance
  • Revenue Modeling and Feasibility Analysis
  • Funding Source Identification
  • Private Placement
  • Master Lease and Lease-back
  • Public Private Partnerships