University of Maryland Comcast Center

College Park, MD

The University of Maryland Comcast Center includes a 17,000 square foot basketball arena, and a 7,000 square foot Academic Support and Career Development Center, along with a student activity center. The project, located on the North Field of the University's campus, features:

  • A 17,900-seat basketball facility
  • Accommodation facilities for 25 different sports
  • Removable lower seats
  • Well-equipped training rooms
  • Increased concessions and restrooms
  • Press area
  • Upgraded compliance with ADA regulations
  • Team store
  • Practice courts and a wrestling gym
  • "Walk of Fame"
  • Athletic administration offices
  • Heritage Hall, a multipurpose room equipped to host banquets, press conferences, meetings and serve as a pre-game restaurant suite
Parking, utilities and other associated components were also included in the design and construction.

Role: Project Manager 


17,000 square-foot basketball arena

7,000 square-foot Academic Support & Career Development Center and Student Activity Center

Cost: $125M

Completed: 2002